Echo Bridge
award-winning animation


- bringing ideas to life. it's what we do - 


we're an animation studio

You have a design, an idea, a message or story you want brought to life. You've come to the right place. Creating the illusion of life is what we've been doing day in, day out, since 2010.

We're an animation studio. Plain and simple.



authentic. valuable. meaningful.

In a disposable culture, we make animated products with a long shelf life in mind. We produce content that speaks authentically, that carries meaning and value. Work that makes people stop and pay attention and then, want to see it again.


dedicated to the craft 

We work with people who care about their ideas, story, message and the quality of the work. So do our partners, clients and team. We're dedicated to the craft of hand drawn animation. Expect nothing less.


the value of our work

We're a profit oriented and cash-flow business because we believe in the value of what we do. We grow our creative business slowly and steadily. 100% independent and debt-free since we started in 2010.


a life outside the office 

We believe in a life outside the office. It makes for happier and healthier people, who in turn make better art and animation. We're not Hollywood and have no desire to be.


As you can see, we're down to earth people and believe in practical approaches and solutions. We'd love to help you with your project, but obviously, we also want to be a good match for you and your project needs. 


So now that you know a little bit more about us and want to jump on a project together...