Echo Bridge
award-winning animation



with the earth set on a collision course, we look to the stars to find a new home.



Producer: Echo Bridge
Style: 2D
Demo: All audiences
Format: 7 min
Status: In post production.


World war, natural disasters, famine and disease has set Earth on a crash course with destruction when an Earth-Like planet named "Kepler 186F," is discovered. With excitement and hope, the greatest minds of a generation come together to plot the course and create the plan to send a robot, Kepler, to deliver life continuing cargo through 560 light years of interstellar space to Earth's distant cousin in order to rebuild a new home.

"ALONE" explores the concept of what it means to travel through the deepest, darkest, regions of space and the possible realities of what we might find when we get to our destination, hope or fear.

Set to the classical score of Joseph Haydn, "ALONE" tells a subliminal story through the lens of heavy detailed compositions and subtle pacing.