Echo Bridge
show. don't tell.



some gods don't want to be worshiped.



Producers: Rat Ronin & Echo Bridge
Style: 2D
Demo: 18+
Format: 12 x 22 min
Status: In development

KEN and BLUE are two down-on-their-luck mystics who find themselves in way over their heads when OLD SCRATCH (SATAN)  tricks them into servitude. They are made to act as Satan’s private security force and supernatural detectives hunting down any manner of demon until a strange new sect of supernatural beasties attempt to reach godhood. Thus, spurring Satan’s jealously and kicking our reluctant heroes into high gear.

KEN is HUGINN, otherwise known as Thought, brother to Muginn, Odin’s two ravens that flies all over the world to bring him back information.

BLUE is HUITZILOPOCHTLI, the Aztec blue hummingbird god of war.

Neither mystic is in vogue. The tales of Mímisbrunnr [Mimir’s well] and the sun god of Tenochtitlan are no longer celebrated.  Satan, the great enemy is nothing more than a cautionary tale. In these modern times no one pays much attention to the world of the gods, no one seeks their patronage, and some have even forgotten their true names. Most hold very little power and are content to eek out a modest existence. While others, like Satan, wish to rebuild their honor, strength and glory.

Basically the gods can’t compete with Twitter and Instagram.

The ancient Greeks supplicated to the gods and sought their counsel and aid within their daily lives. The early Judeo-Christians prayed for guidance and vision. The ancient Incans and Aztecs prayed to their gods… to leave them the hell  alone! To interact with humans, the gods had to change their aspects, the way they looked and acted. In so doing, the gods developed many faces and a range of identities and the appetite of their subjects.

ASPECTS is a show that takes the idea of god worship and warps it with an irreverent post modernist prospective with a little of the buddy-cop dynamic thrown in for good measure.