Bootstrapped Beginnings

When we finally got a sign on our new studio space back in 2012.

When we finally got a sign on our new studio space back in 2012.

Roughly 4 years ago today, Echo Bridge went from a one person freelance operation working with a remote team to a small entourage working on commercials and web cartoons from a new studio space.  I had worked for one solid year on client projects and saving every earned penny and slowly started to build an animation industry where none had existed before.  Brick by brick, desk by desk, Echo Bridge grew slowly and steadily.

Echo Bridge started off bootstrapped.  When you’re not made out of money or have deep pockets, you have to get creative with not just how you work, but how you promote yourself and continue to make forward progress.  When a fire’s broken out and you don’t have a money hose to fix it; you have to get creative when it comes to solving problems related to business, production or marketing.  It’s never easy, but anything worth doing right will take a lot of effort and sacrifice. The norm in our entrepreneurial culture is to borrow someone else’s dime - loans, credit cards, venture capitalists, angels - in order to start.  They learn how to spend to solve rather than work to solve.  Bootstrapping requires more ingenuity and creativity and labor, but what you get out of all your hard work is a rock solid education on how to actually run a profitable business.

Today, 6 years later, Echo Bridge has grown to a sizable company with people working locally and all around the world.  We've got a long list of some amazing clients and brands, having worked on some world famous television shows and films... and remains independent and debt free.  It's quite an accomplishment that I'm very proud of.


We’re in it for the long haul with the idea of going from 6 years to 60 and beyond.