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Crimson Carrot


These are the tales of the Crimson Carrot, a super-anti-hero who protects - sometimes - fruits and vegetables from the ones who went sour.  From egocentric burger kings, GMO giants and cereal dillers, each stand-alone episode is ripe with action and tasteful comedy.  Corny, but never cheesy.


our anti-hero!

By day, Julian is your everyday bean-counter.  But when trouble arise, Julian transforms into the ever powerful CRIMSON CARROT!  Problems small, large and super-sized, the Crimson Carrot is the defender of all that is ripe and just.  Sometimes... 

His friends

Straw Berrymore.  She can be a little tart at times, but she's sweet on the Crimson Carrot for always coming to her rescue.  And Broc Lee, well, he's a martial artist eggtrodinaire and Crimson Carrot's right hand side.  Broc Lee is serving up action to bad eggs everywhere.


his enemies... 

Swissmaack is a burger who could be king of all Cape Cod.  His son, Slider, comes as an extra when dishing out trouble.  And no one stirs up fear like the mass diller, Jack the Pickler.  He's known for snatching up bite-size citizens and sending them to the briney end.  The GMOers were former soldiers of the French and Onion War and became genetically modified to become souper warriors for the cause.  Seeking revenge, they stew up trouble for the city of Cape Cod and are considered the Crimson Carrot's biggest foes.  Lastly, we come to The Yoker, a good egg gone hardboiled.  Whipping up trouble by the dozen, he's not one to go over easy.


The Crimson Carrot... When Esteban was a kid in 5th grade, he created a character for an art contest and took first place.  The idea was shelved for a few decades until his dad started pressuring him to take that idea and turn it into something fun.  The show was originally set out for children's programming... and then we said "Screw it" and are now having way more fun making the most "dank, dark and ridiculous" cartoons free from all the rigamarole that comes with creating a kids show.  Who said you shouldn't be playing with your food, anyways?

The Crimson Carrot will be an online "bite-size" series of stand-alone shorts set to launch Nov 14, 2016.  Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest news of the show's launch!