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A History Lesson From TED Ed

Earlier this summer produced two videos, roughly 9 minutes of content, which focused on the history of “A Day In The Life of An Ancient Egyptian Doctor,” and “How The Normans Changed The History of Europe.”

TED Ed had approached Echo Bridge with the two projects earlier this year and product started in mid Spring with a wrap in early Summer.

Story development, Pre-Production and Animation was produced in studio at Echo Bridge.

Storyboards we produced in Storyboard Pro, Animation produced in Harmony with compositing done in After Effects. There were two teams working independently at the early stages of development and pre-production, then when we got to production, both teams merged together to push the projects along quicker.

We like working with the good folks at TED Talks and TED Ed for the very reason that they are artist driven and are very simple to work with. We’ve produced projects for them in the past and have always been a pleasured.

Esteban Valdez