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- our story - 


Echo Bridge is an independent animation studio with a strong focus on hand drawn animation.

We produce animation for short formats - music videos, commercials, web shows, documentaries, explainers and presentations - and long formats - television shows, feature films and video games. It’s what we do day in, day out. We’ve even won awards for the creativity and quality of our work.

The studio is headquartered in St Petersburg, Florida, but we work with incredibly talented designers, writers, animators, artists, musicians, producers, editors, storyboard artists and voice talent from all over the world. We were 21st century before that even became a thing. It's how we started and as we've grown, so has our pipeline and the way we do things here at Echo Bridge.


It all started in 2008... Boston Massachusetts. I formed an earlier version of Echo Bridge to produce one short film “A Lonely Road.” The short film did really well on the festival circuit and Echo Bridge began taking on commercial client work. As the demands got bigger, so did the business.

In 2009, Echo Bridge took a financial hit after a client had filed for bankruptcy and was unable to pay for production. The economic crash of 2008 took a toll on many businesses in the New England area, Echo Bridge felt the heat.

However, business continued to come to the budding studio and in 2010 a decision was made to move to Florida in order to ride the economic wave of uncertainty. On day one of being in St Petersburg, Florida, Echo Bridge began working right away on commercial projects for Nationwide Insurance, Kitchenaid, Universal Music Group and then on Ugly Americans season 2 for Comedy Central.

Since the move, Echo Bridge has continued to work with high profile brands, musicians, filmmakers and production companies in addition to becoming an important pillar in the development of the animation and film community of Florida.

The name Echo Bridge comes from the street name where my family lived in Massachusetts. As a kid, I would spend hours creating and dreaming on the kitchen table and as I got older, began animating in my room. My earlier years in the animation industry had me traveling across the United States and Canada and back again, until when returning to the US, I settled in Florida; Echo Bridge became the symbolic embodiment of home.

Since the first short film in 2008, Echo Bridge has been providing clients with award-winning animation services and will continue to do so. 

But in addition to all of that, we - as a studio - are also heavily investing in our original television shows, short and feature film projects, blogging, podcasting, workshops & talks and continuing to build and support our local arts and animation community.

We have managed to operate Echo Bridge year after year as a debt free and profitable business. And we're not going anywhere any time soon.

Thanks for reading,
- Esteban Valdez -
Founder & Animation Director