Adult drama
short film
15 mins.

“AMBITION” is the story of a young entrepreneur who chases after success.  With the shake of a hand, his first investor and new funds, the young entrepreneur seeks out office space in a luxurious building. The false hope that the image of success will breeds success.  Unwilling to settle, the young entrepreneur engages in a deal that compromise his integrity and self worth. 

A dream now a nightmare…Is he willing to continue to pay the price of admission?

An existential fable that looks at our status seeking culture in a visually poetic and surreal tone.  A modern tale that evokes the question; "How far will we go to get what we want?"

"AMBITION" is a 2D  (traditionally) animated project that breaks the conventional idea of what animation and shows that animation is a powerful filmmaking medium.


Written, Directed and Animated by
Esteban Valdez