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- script to screen -

- script to screen -

Alone: A Short Space Odyssey

Ever since the announcement of possible Earth like planets, I’ve had this obsession with space travel and what it would take for us to actual get there.  With that curiosity, the concept is that a robot is sent out into interstellar space to go to one of those possible earth-like planets.  However, it would take several light years to reach and the other question that popped into mind is would we - the human race - still be around for the day the robot made contact on a possible new home.  Another question that arose is: Even if we made it, would that possible planet even be around?  

The short film is also a bit of an experiment in non dialogue driven narrative.  It’s much slower than other films and we hold on to shots longer to try to get the audience to really take in the artistry of the scene.  Hint: there are clues throughout that give a secondary tale within the main narrative.  

We’re still hammering away at it, but I thought it’d be fun to share some of the progress we’re making on it thus far.