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- script to screen -

- script to screen -

Crimson Carrot: Now Live!

This project has been one of the funnest projects we've done at the studio this year.  Mostly because it's a project that is made purely out of artistic expression with little-to-no censorship on what kind of story the team wanted to make and then we had a launch party to celebrate!  

How we found the time to work on this show... In between jobs and notes.  When someone didn't have anything to work on at the time, they'd sit down and storyboard an episode.  We laugh, it gets made.  Pretty simple.  It's a great break from the heavy commercial projects and it gives us all a chance to express and really some steam.

More than that... This project that celebrates the artists.  It's a show created by an artist and made by artists.  And I think we need more content like that.

So I hope you'll subscribe to the Crimson Carrot.  If you dig it, give us a Thumbs Up or say something nice in the comments.