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- script to screen -

Change Is In The Air

Welcome to the camp.  You all know why you’re here.  My name is Esteban and we’ve got some new stuff happening this year.

I find it hard to believe that we’ve been around for 6-years.  But from the look of our old site, it was time for a facelift.  More than that though, we’ve made a lot of changes internally as well.  Some of those changes have been down right scary, but they’ve been necessary as well.

Some of the changes we’ve made:

New Look...

Our logo got a bit of a facelift too.  No more serifs!  While the old logo had some charm, we felt that this new look reflects the kind of studio we are more.  In addition to the new logo, we’ve got this new site.  More examples of our award-winning work and there’s some more good stuff coming soon as well.

New Blog Platform...

Tumblr has been our vocal platform for 5-years running.  But as of recent, the climate on Tumblr has become a little too toxic for our liking.  While we’ve never had any direct issues, it just seemed like the atmosphere was no longer a place we really wanted to be.  So we’ve moved our blog articles to this site.  It’ll keep everything nice and concise which I’m sure you’ll find easier and neater to read.

New Shorts...

We’ve got a new short film in the works at the studio.  They’ll be slow going, but we’re hoping to release it into the festival circuit this year.  Really excited about this and can’t wait.  In fact, I wish we were done now.

Basecamp 3... 

We’ve been long time fans and supporters of Basecamp as a project managing resource.  With the new release of Basecamp 3, we were skeptical at first, however, after using it on a couple of projects internally, and now on a client project; we’ve made a full on switch and making full use of a new platform.

Toon Boom Harmony...

This is the biggest change we’ve made by far.  As long time Flash user - I’ve been using Flash since 2001, this change wasn’t an easy one to make.  It’s a big commitment, with big costs, but it’s not hard to see why.  The market has shifted and Harmony has become the tool of choice on the kind of projects we work on.  So in keeping up with the times, we’ve made the switch.

However... Our core philosophy is that it’s skill, not software, that makes great work.

Don't worry... We haven't abandoned Flash/Animate.  It's still kicking around.

There’s been a lot of internal changes made to the studio as well.  Last year, we had a lot of growth, but growth for growth sake in the end wasn’t where we wanted to be.  This year, we’ve made a commitment to getting back to our roots.  An artist-driven company where it’s about the work.  It’s a concept that’s never gone out of style and has been a motto that has been true to use since day one.  

And as a studio that’s in it for the long haul, we want to continue to stay true to our ideas and principles.  

As Snake Plissken would say...

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”


Echo Bridge