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Crimson Carrot: One of a Kind

Crimson Carrot is a first of its kind project for Echo Bridge. Kim, shares her thoughts on the adorable superhero.

Working in an animation studio is a very exciting experience because we have the opportunity to be exposed to various styles and challenges as we move from project to project. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to work on projects that you really like. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be able to work on projects you love. We recently had the opportunity to produce our own short series based on a character that was created by Esteban Valdez when he was in fifth grade for a contest(which he won). I think many of us dream of having the characters in our imagination come to life, but very few get to see it become a reality.

    Crimson Carrot is an adorable and somewhat heroic Carrot as his name implies. These ten second shorts may have a violent twist to them that strays away from the adorable looks of the characters, but they reflect the kind of ironic humor that is often thrown around the studio. Everyone in the studio was welcome to offer ideas and create storyboards to help create the fifteen episodes that will be viewable on YouTube starting next week. A huge part of what makes Crimson Carrot so special to us, is that this is completely our work and our viewers will be able to get a glimpse into the minds that create the work you all love to watch. As much as we enjoy the awesome opportunities we receive from clients, it’s always refreshing to have something to call our own and have the freedom to simply create. 

    Crimson Carrot’s official release date is Monday, November 14th. However, if you wait to watch him online, you will only be able to see two a week until January. If this article intrigued you in any way, we encourage you to join us on Monday, November 14th for our very special launch party below our studio in Studio 620 on 1st Ave S. St. Petersburg, FL. Not only will you get to meet the studio behind this new short series, but you will also be able to view all fifteen episodes and attend a special Q&A with us after the premiere of Crimson Carrot. We really hope to see you there and are excited to be able to finally share Crimson Carrot with the Echo Bridge Community!

Meike Groh