Echo Bridge

- script to screen -

- script to screen -


Sometimes I ask myself how in the world did one random newspaper article lead me to a cool job with cool peoples. Like who reads print anymore?

One morning, my dad, came to me with newspaper in hand and said “Hey you do animation stuff right?” And shoved a news article into my face. He has a way with words.

This article featured Esteban Valdez and Echo Bridge. I don’t remember what it was about. I just remember thinking “Oh hey! A local animation company nearby! Lets check it out.” and the next thing I know I’m interning there. I didn’t know Flash or anything because I specialized in 3D Maya. I have dabbled in traditional animation, but it was paper, not a program.

At first I couldn’t make heads or tales of Flash but the people at Echo Bridge are always willing to answer any questions and help each other out. The atmosphere there is more about learning, evolving, and supporting each other.

I learned so much about animating in 2D and the pipeline behind it. It’s pretty different from 3D. As an intern I helped out the Production team first, then the Background Artists, and Clean Up team. It was very enlightening.

I have gotten to know so many interesting people, and have even gotten a job at Echo Bridge after my internship. It doesn’t even feel like a job, because I’m doing what I love with interesting people. Of course when deadline swings around I’m freaking out, but what else is new?

The community here is very open, transparent and chill. We often joke around and be stupid. While maintaining a healthy work ethic. I couldn’t ask for more.

Posted by Meike.