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Feels Like Home

Kim is our most recent addition to the team.  We asked her to share her thoughts on making the big move from New York to Florida.  

In her own words:

I recently relocated to the Tampa area from Syracuse, NY. Change can be scary, but it can also be a great opportunity for new experiences. I graduated from a school near Rochester, NY with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Throughout school, I focused more on film than news and after graduating, I went on to make a couple of documentaries in my free time and work for a TV station for a year. I always knew that I didn't want to stay in the TV world forever, but I never expected to find myself working in an animation studio. 

Having a live action background in film and tv has created a very unique experience for me as a production assistant at Echo Bridge. Animation creates a much more creative environment than other mediums. While live action can be creative, it is often straightforward; especially in news or local programming. Animation appreciates art in a different way than live action does-it takes it back to the basics of pen and paper (okay, now-a-days it's computer and stylus, but close enough). Animators think differently than a lot of people because their minds are constantly flowing with creative juice; which makes for a fun work environment. There's always someone to bounce ideas off of and there's hardly a dull moment. I feel so lucky to have had an opportunity to work in a different medium because it allows me to grow in a way that I never would if I only stayed with what I already knew. 

Something I really enjoy about Echo Bridge is the size; it's a small studio so you work closely with everyone and actually have the opportunity to get to know them. In my previous job, I did know the whole production crew, but I wouldn't see all of them every time I was in. I could go a whole week or two without seeing some of the producers. I also used to work in a team with five other production assistants and even though we all got along it would sometimes feel competitive, which adds stress to any job. I am currently the only production assistant at Echo Bridge and I collaborate very closely with the production coordinator. It's so nice to be a part of a smaller production team because I feel as if I have more of an impact than I was able to have in a larger studio with a lot more hands. 

I'm glad that Echo Bridge is my first experience with an animation studio because coming to work here everyday is making Florida start to feel like home.