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- script to screen -

Inktober 2016 Off to a Good Start!

Here at Echo Bridge we’re always looking for fun creative endeavors that get our pens moving and let our imaginations flow! This year our team here at Echo Bridge has decided to do the month long challenge of Inktober!



The challenge is to draw every single day, specifically in ink, or have some form of ink incorporated in the piece. And this is one tough medium, every stroke is PERMANENT. If you make one mistake it’s hard to hide; no Control+Z or erasers. So there is no going back.


Our team is excited to take on this challenge. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the screen, although we do like our Cintiqs.


Every morning for the month of October, you’ll walk into Echo Bridge and see our crew sipping on our morning coffee (or tea) sketching out ideas in pen and ink. A creative hour a day keeps stagnation at bay.  


Our first day was a success! The team came up with some fun drawings check them out on our facebook here:

Meike Groh