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- script to screen -

- script to screen -

Now Hustling in North America

"The highlight element of the otherwise workmanlike assembly is a number of animated sequences illustrating “Convention” passages in a manner reminiscent of Ralph Bakshi’s raunchily streetwise 1970s cartoon features.

Dennis Harvey, Variety

In 2014, we had the pleasure of working with Riverhorse and Chuck D on this documentary of legendary proportions.  Today, we received word that Hustlers Convention has gotten a full North American release!  Download it here.

With that release, we finally get a chance to show a chapter from the film which you can see above.  We wanted to capture the essense of Ralph Bakshi's work, gritty lines and all.  Variety gave us the thumbs up on that one.  We produced the work using Photoshop and After Effects on a very tight production schedule.  It's a project that we really enjoyed working on.  We hope you enjoy it, too. 

Production Artwork