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Rated "R"

Warner Bros. is releasing “Batman: The Killing Joke” with a one day theatrical run on July 25.  It’s not a live action movie.  It’s an “R” rated animated film.  Let that sink in…

For the last part of a decade, when people think adult animation two topics come to mind: porn and comedy.  Porn due to the “adult” adjective to animation.  Comedy due in part to shows like “South Park” or “Family Guy.”  What the general audience does not associate when it comes to adult animation are films such as “Heavy Metal,” “Waking Life,” “Waltz with Bashir,” “Anomalisa,” just to name a few.  These are films which contain mature topics and themes.  The stigma of animation as a children’s outlet still plagues the perspective of general audiences to this day.  

While it’s not uncommon for animated films to make their way to the big screen, to perceive them as pieces of film still has a long way to go.

It’ll be interesting to see the reaction and results when a big brand studio (Warner Bros.) releases an R rated mainstream title.  

I don’t think R rated animated films will be the new trend -  R rated animated films already exist, but it may be the time when people start looking at animation in a more open and serious light.