Echo Bridge

- script to screen -

- script to screen -

Richard William's Latest Masterpiece


Richard Williams is a master animator.  It's taken him decades, more than half his life, to grasp the medium that is animation.  His short film, "Prologue," is proof of his journey to become a master.  He didn't always start off as the greatest animator and he wasn't widely known.  He put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to achieve what he's achieved.  He's had many successes, many failures.  People have adored him and people have hated him.  He hired people who were better than him, smarter then him, not just to work for him, but to teach him!  

I truly do admire the work that Richard Williams has produced through out his career.  In fact, it's been my main goal with Echo Bridge... To produce the same caliber, quality and creative work that the Richard Williams Animation company produced and then some.  To be masters of this craft.  

Enjoy the short!