Echo Bridge

- script to screen -

- script to screen -


It’s been a while. A little too long in fact, but there is good reason for it. Part of the reason is because I took a month off to recharge and get some new perspective. A mini sabbatical as it were.

Getting away from it all really helped. And when I mean get away from it all, I mean leaving work completely behind and taking a leap of faith the studio doesn’t burn down. In fact, three of our films won "Official Selection" titles at a local film festival called Silver Screen for Short Films and we'll be in attendance on May 10th. The studio didn't burn down, but it was on fire! (Yes, it's a lame joke and I'm totally standing by it.)

Much like when you’re getting too close to a painting (or pixel) and you’re simply staring at one particular area for too long, you have to set back to see what’s been going on and with the distance comes some much needed perspective.

I haven’t really been to happy with the way our studio has been going over the last year. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to be like everyone else when it comes to messages and social media and also taking on projects - while keeping the lights on - are not projects we’re all to excited about. So, we’re going to make some changes. 

One of the first changes on the chopping block will be our social media marketing efforts. We’re going to focus our efforts mostly to our blog here, Twitter, and our newsletter. So long Facebook, Tumblr and other outlets. It’s just to much and we’re spread to thin to make anything of quality and value. 

Second, we’re writing a book! A book on running an animation studio and how to produce your films (short or feature) without breaking the bank. 

Third, we’ll be focusing more on our internal projects. We’re in a place where we can, so we will. 

Lastly, and here’s the important one, we’re looking more into how we can build our community of artists. Let’s be honest, our industry needs more animation training. We’re in the process of designing a small online series of educational videos for our artists and animators, and we’re designing an apprenticeship program for those looking to produce work in an Echo Bridge manner. These two areas are longer term projects, but we’re putting the memo out now.

So there you have it. Four important notices of change which we believe will have signficant impact, boost quality, and add more value to the work we do and our artistic community at large.

Of course, some things will be more successful than others and some ideas will need changing along the way. And that’s OK. We hope you’ll stick with us and see how it all develops.


Echo Bridge