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- script to screen -

- script to screen -

A Nice Write Up

In 2014, we produced some animation for a documentary on the history of hip-hop and rap called "The Hustlers Convention."  It was a really great project for us to work on as it highlighted some of the most pivotal moments of music history that shaped it forever.  And we got to be apart of that.  The brief was simple: A look and feel of a Ralph Bakshi production.  

Here's what Variety Magazine had to say about that...

"The highlight element of the otherwise workmanlike assembly is a number of animated sequences illustrating “Convention” passages in a manner reminiscent of Ralph Bakshi’s raunchily streetwise 1970s cartoon features."

Mission accomplished.

You can read more about the documentary on Variety.  

Greil Marcus, one most the most prominent music critics of a decade had this to say about the project... 

"A fine, fine film." - Greil Marcus

The final product is something that we're definitely proud of and it was a lot of hard work with many long nights to achieve just that.  To make something look old while working with new tools isn't always an easy feat and it takes a great deal of research and effort in order to make it convincing.  


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