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- script to screen -

- script to screen -

We're Hiring!

We're looking for some new talent to bring to the fold on our latest TV show project!  It's an exciting time for us as we expand and get a chance to meet some new people.  So here's who we're looking for:

[In-House] Cleanup Artist

What will you be doing:

You'll be taking approved rough animation files that have been produced by our animation team and embellishing the artwork so that it's TV ready.  This means you'll be tightening the line art, applying color and adding shadows and highlights as necessary.  As an in-house cleanup artist, you'll be working in our studio on a Wacom Cintiq and Harmony 12 Premium. 

Do you need to have a lot of experience with Harmony 12?  Not really.  You'll have some on the job training of the program, but having a little bit of familiarity does go a long way.

The kind of candidate we're looking for:

We're looking for someone who has a willingness to learn, who is enthusiastic about their work and is easy to talk to.  We're not looking for rock stars, we're looking for rock solid people that we can count on.  There isn't a lot of hand holding here, so we're looking for someone who can be responsible and communicate clearly, too.

Remote work is available, though we're really looking mostly for local artists who can work in-house.

What you'll need to apply:

We look for foundational work from new applicants.  It's easy to hide behind cartoons and animation.  Looking at your life and figure drawing strips it all down to the core and I get to see what kind of abilities you have.  So when you apply, I'm looking for not just your website with examples of your work, I'm also looking for sketches and drawings.  

In addition to all of that, I'm looking out for interests such as blogs, websites, twitter accounts; platforms that we can get to know you more.  We hire dependable and hardworking people. Which takes time to acquire. But if you prove us wrong we're fast with the ax.

If this sounds like you and you think you can keep up and deliver work on time; apply here or write to me at

Good luck!