Echo Bridge

Cigar City

Cigar city

a story about hipsters who no longer want to be hip.


Format - 5 ep x 6 min, Comedy, 18+
Producer - Echo Bridge
Style - 2D
Status - Mid development, bible in production

Created by Esteban Valdez


Loglines - “When hipsters don’t want to be hip.”


Cigar City is a satire on pop culture and postmodernism. The hipsters got the ultra organic-live-off-the-land-earthy-crunchy world they’ve always wanted dubbed “Tent City”… And they hate it. Well at least our hero, Ryan - aka “Rye Guy” - hates it. Maybe everybody else hates it, but it’s all kept under the facade of love and peace and weed.

When Rye Guy is at the local kombucha party, he over hears of this place called “Cigar City,” a legendary place were people have air conditioning, showers and electricity. With stars in his eyes, Rye Guy can’t help put dream of a new life in Cigar City and starts to plan his escape. Though like all hopes and dreams, the utopia Rye Guy’s build up is a far cry from the nightmarish hell on the other side of the fence.

It’s a “grass is greener” kind of story, filled with wonder, musical numbers and Disney-esque love interests… No it’s not. Far from it. It’s a dick and fart joke journey to the train wreck of dashed dreams with laughs along the way!