Echo Bridge

the desert rose

the desert rose

enjoy the ride.


the desert rose

Producers: Echo Bridge
Style: 2D Action
Demo: 18+
Format: 12 x 10 min
Status: In development


The Desert Rose is a story about coming to terms with your shadow.

A dystopian future. Rose, a lone truck driver, in an effort to raise funds for her dad’s medical procedure, takes a job delivering a supply drop to Los Angeles. It’s not until she tries to leave Los Angeles does Rose find her stowaway, a school teacher named Cyn, on board. With the authorities in hot pursuit, Rose makes a gut-call to push through the city and get out of California as fast as they can. It’s a long road ahead, and Rose and Cyn just can’t see eye to eye. In a moment of anger, Rose kicks Cyn curbside and leaves her in the dust.

Recalling her youth, Rose has a change of heart and goes back for Cyn, only to find that her friend, Catman Casey, has picked her up. Good thing too because the entire state of California is hot on their tail.

Upon reaching the border, Rose can see herself in Cyn, and a renewed sense of hope in humanity.