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Mike & Wayne

mike & wayne

mike & wayne

Producers: Echo Bridge
Style: 2D
Demo: Adult Comedy
Format: 52 x 11
Status: Pilot completed. Series bible set. Looking for distribution.

Dumbasses, knuckleheads, idiots ... Mike & Wayne, the titular characters of a new series by Echo Bridge, are not the sharpest knives in the proverbial drawer. Their mission is simple: get rich quick by robbin’ and stealin’. Their target: the liquor store. What our fearless (anti)heroes don’t know is that the Cornah Store has the best defenses imagination can provide. Follow Mike & Wayne as they strive to make their dreams come true and are met with spectacular failure. All for your enjoyment.

“Mike & Wayne” is the brainchild of Executive Producer, Esteban Valdez, with inspirational ties to Tom & Jerry, Daniel Clowes and Robert Crumb.  

“I always wanted to make something that paid homage to the physical/visual gags and mayhem of the old MGM days. Simple story, simple(ton) characters, and just straightforward action.”

- Esteban Valdez

The message behind “Mike & Wayne” is that no matter what you think you’re going to do, life has a way of shin-kicking those plans and making you start all over again. It’s the daily grind.



Esteban Valdez

Executive Producer/Creator

Award-winning Animation Director & Producer. Founder of Echo Bridge. Stanley Kubrick and Katsuhiro Otomo fanatic. Coffee enthusiast. Very opinionated.

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