pink youth

Breakdown: Pink Youth - Part 2 by Esteban Valdez

When it comes to writing for animation, the script is usually more of a framework or guide for the story.

The Hollywood "industry standard" believes scripts are everything. However, for us at Echo Bridge, storyboards and animatics are where the gold is. What works on the page might not work on the stage (screen) or in the cage (editing). If we're going by industry standards of "one page equals one minute" then for every line of text written comes a cost of dollars and screen time. Some of the time, a Writer writes for the page but not necessarily for the screen. Unless the Writer has had some experience behind the camera, or in animation’s case behind a pencil, the idea or story is guaranteed to get lost in translation.

In the case of "Pink Youth" a treatment was written, but Esteban essentially wrote the details of the script AS he storyboarded, jumping back and forth between script and boards. The bigger idea is that the script should inspire the storyboards and the storyboards inspire the script.

The storyboarding and animatic process was done in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 4 and took roughly one week to get an initial first pass. Rather than submitting a script, Esteban submitted an animatic to show Yuna and Carl. Notes were given and on the second pass of the animatic, the animatic was approved for pre production.

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Pink Youth Breaks 100K by Esteban Valdez


We’re really excited to announce that as of this morning, Yuna’s animated music video, PINK YOUTH, has officially reached over 100,000 views on YouTube!

Working on Pink Youth was a really great collaborative project between Yuna and Adam Sinclair, Carl Jones and Brian Ash, and Echo Bridge. They gave us a lot of creative freedom to explore and express and we’re very proud of the work done on the project.

Maybe we’ll do a little write up on how we got the project done, but for now, we’re celebrating the 100K mark!