Echo Bridge


the otherside

the otherside

Producers: Echo Bridge
Style: 2D
Demo: Action, Boys 6-10
Format: 27 x 10min
Status: Bible and first epsiode script completed. Seeking funding, co-production and distribution.


Diversity is just one of humanity's greatest challenges which we strive to understand. We couldn’t be anymore different and yet, at the same time, so much alike. Given the current state of division in society, this story seeks to help us see The Otherside of what makes us unique and what ultimately brings us together.

We start our story with a kid named Brooklyn going to see the Statue of Liberty only to find that it’s vanished without a trace. He meets a companion named Q - a kid from the 1990s who can only grunt and groan - and the two of them set off to investigate the statue’s disappearance. Along the way, they meet other kids from other time periods, Long, Jersey, Matty, and Bronx and together they discover that a being known as “The Collector” has been taking cultural icons for his own amusement. But one man’s pain is another man’s pleasure and for the Collector, his interests in the icons of the world is literally tearing the fabric of spacetime.

The team realizes that in order to set the universe straight, they have to sacrifice their friendship. It’s not an easy task, but it’s the right one seeing as if they don’t the future - and subsequently their past and present - will cease to exist.

It’s a story about friendships and making the right moral choice despite its challenges.