Dedicated To The Craft

When it comes down to it, we're just a group of hard working people dedicated to the craft of animation. We're also an award winning animation film company.

Whether it's a commercial, a music video, a television or web series,a short or a feature film from development to delivery, we're working hard everyday to make some of the best animated work possible.

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Award Winning Animation

Our dedication to the work can be seen on each and every frame. In fact, our commitment to excellence has garnered us a few awards such as an Addy from the American Advertising Federation, and numerous "Official Selection" titles from film festivals worldwide.

  • Short & Feature Films

    This is the kind of stuff we live for as a studio. We enjoy the thrill of presenting you with brilliant stories and well polished features.

    Television & Web series

    You may have seen many of our works on channels such as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Vevo, FOX, FX and FXX. Here's some of our favorites:

    "In this business deadlines can not and will not change. Echo Bridge understood this and did whatever it
    took to complete any and all deliverables that we asked for at an exceptional level of quality and speed.
    True professionals."

      -Eric Sims, Producer
    Flyod County Productions

    Music Videos

    Listening to music is fun, but we love making music videos even more! We've worked with some of the top industry labels such as Epic Records, Sony Music, and Universal Music Group. Labels large and small, we'd love to add you to the list.

    Here's a couple of our most recent projects:


    Creating a commercial is much like producing a short film. When creatively delivered, the message a commercial has can leave a profound impact on it's audience.
    "Esteban and the team at Echo Bridge have been a valuable asset to us on multiple projects. They have
    been a seamlessextension of our agency, both creatively and in production, and have helped us deliver
    award winning quality products that our customers are proud to put their brand on."

    - Chris Flyn, Creative Director
    MTN Advertising

    Development to Delivery

    Sometimes it's an elaborate script, other times it's just a napkin scribble, but it all starts with an idea. From there, we help our clients through the stages of production:

  • Why should you work with us?

    We understand the business. As an artist-driven company, we have a craftsman mentality, but we also appreciate the impact schedules and budgets have on a project. Quality shouldn’t be sacrificed because of the 1s and 0s.

    When you work with us, we listen and provide creative feedback to help your project reach its goals and its audience, leaving you with something worth watching.

    Let's Work Together

    Got a project and you'd like to work with us? Great! Not not sure how to start? No worries, starting is as simple as calling or emailing, or even tweeting us. We're simple to reach and respond super quick.

    Contact us!
    Phone: 727-914-8974
    Twitter: @echobridge

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